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I grew up on a farm in South Africa and I am one of six children. Cooking played an integral part of my childhood years and later developed into a culinary career.

My formal training in Paris, at a culinary institute, centred around classic French techniques. I learnt to julienne, brunoise and macedoine, make sauces and the importance of an organized mise en place.

These skill sets and cooking methods like flambéing, poaching and sautéing are most important in different styles of International Cuisine. 

I moved to Cape Town and worked for Icon Villas as a Private Chef, for her International Clients. I opened my own business, Players Event Management, completing 150 events as chef and planner and 165 Private Chefing jobs.


I have two grown-up children who I adore and are currently working overseas. I love children, cooking, dogs and the smell of freshly ground black pepper. People say that I am detailed, creative, tenacious, hard-working and mindful.

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