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Colleen Frew

Colleen Frew, was a former Miss South Africa. Her Husband decided to throw her a surprise 40th Birthday Celebration. We decided on a theme of “Red” as it was on Valentines Day.
Red Toffee Apples, Sorbet, Candles, Roses, Cake, uniforms and even wigs.
We were blessed with the perfect red sunset.

james 5.PNG

James Fitzgerald 50th Birthday

James Fitzgerald , celebrated his 50th Birthday Party in a Helicopter Hangar.
We set up a modeling ramp, red carpet affair, bright lights and photographers so as the guests proceeded into the hangar they were photographed. There was a live band, hundred of long red candles, taffeta ribbons, topiaries and austere long willow branches. The appetiser was a Salmon Tartar, lemons wrapped in muslin cloth.Entree, a Fillet de Boeuf  and Dessert, an oversized  Red

Velvet Cheesecake.

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